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Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance

Lancashire Landscapes provides both a vehicular and manual gritting service to ensure that roads, car parks, pathways and other hard surfaces are kept ice-free.

This service operates on a 24-hour basis during the winter months with present clients including schools, sports clubs, facility management companies and independent landlords. Unlike most gritting contractors who will only provide a night time vehicular gritting service on roadways and car parks, we can provide a comprehensive service which combines both vehicular and pedestrian gritting of all hard surfaces including roads, car parks, pathways, bin stores and doorway entrances. Depending on your tolerance of risk we can provide service to specified areas of any extent ranging from a single pathway to all hard surfaces within your estate.

We can also provide both mechanised and manual snow clearance to ensure that, in the event of settled snow, important roads, pathways and car parking spaces are kept clear. Our quotations provide a detailed specification stating precisely which areas are to be cleared and different prices for clearing different ranges of snow depth.

Both our winter gritting and snow clearance services can be supplied on either a one-off basis when requested or on a contractual basis where we will guarantee to provide service when it is required. For gritting this involves provision of service whenever weather forecasts predict sub-zero temperatures or snowfall.