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Sports Ground Maintenance

Our sports ground maintenance service developed as a necessary extension of our work in schools and is now provided at primary and secondary schools, sixth form colleges, sports complexes, football clubs, cricket clubs and bowling clubs across the north of England.

Lancashire Landscapes

Our services covers the full spectrum of services required for correct maintenance of both grass and synthetic play surfaces and maintenance of other facilities including:

Grass surfaces
Grass cutting
Pitch layout
Line marking
Selective weed control
Top-dressing and pitch repair work
Spiking and rolling
General cleaning (litter, leaf and debris clearance)

Synthetic surfaces
Pitch layout
Line marking
Drag-matting and brushing
General cleaning (litter, leaf and debris clearance)
Vacuum cleansing

Construction and maintenance of running tracks
Construction and maintenance of jumping pits
Line marking and repair on asphalt play surfaces
Supply, installation and repair of goals and nets

Lancashire LandscapesLancashire LandscapesLancashire Landscapes

Our pitch layout service covers the full range of ball games and athletic activities ranging from simple discus circles, through football and rugby pitches right up to the most complex pitch layout operations such as 400 metre eight lane running tracks. Where required all pitches are marked out to official dimensions although space and age constraints often dictate proportional modifications to official dimensions. The paint used is high quality, ready-mixed professional line marking paint which, when applied in dry conditions, will remain in an adequate state of visibility for period of two weeks.