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Landscape Restoration

‘Landscape Restoration’ is the process by which over-mature and neglected landscapes are returned to a state or order.

We most commonly undertake such work in the gardens of vacant houses or in the grounds of vacant industrial buildings where the problems are often compounded by fly-tipping, vandalism and squatting. Typical work activities include intensive litter picking, clearance of rubbish heaps, removal of mud deposits along kerb edges, weed eradication, cutting of long grass, pressure washing of paving and chainsaw work to reduce overgrown trees and shrubs.

The key to successful landscape restoration often lies with having the confidence to hard-prune trees and shrubs, which often means cutting them completely to the base. When cut in this manner many woody plants will respond with fresh vigorous growth and, within a few months, return to an aesthetically pleasing state. However, specialist knowledge is required to ensure that this methodology is only applied to appropriate plants and that it is performed at the right time of year when the plants will respond effectively and when nesting birds will not be disturbed.