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Landscape Management Consultancy

The company’s Landscape Management department is headed by Andy Bellamy, one of the Managing Directors. Andy holds a 1st Class BSc (hons) in Landscape Management and is working towards becoming a Chartered Landscape Architect with the Landscape Institute.

This department offers professional advice on how to properly maintain landscapes of all sizes and types including school grounds, commercial premises, sports fields and natural environments such as woodlands and meadows.

The end product of our consultancy role is most commonly a detailed Landscape Management Plan which provides an overall long-term vision for a landscape and provides a step-by-step schedule of works required to achieve this vision, sometimes spanning periods of several years.

Lancashire Landscapes

However, we can also provide reports or simple verbal advice on how to deal with common landscape problems including weed infestations, overgrown plantings, poor quality grass, pests and diseases, compacted ground and drainage problems.