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Landscape Design

Our Landscape Design department offers innovative design ideas for projects ranging in size from small domestic gardens to retail parks.

Lancashire Landscapes

Designs can be produced to suit your needs and budget and range from simple concept sketches to fully annotated plans complemented by 3-dimensional drawings detailing specific features of the landscape. Our landscape design service is usually a precursor to landscape construction works but can also be provided as a separate individual service.

The landscape design process starts with a free preliminary discussion to establish the scope of the project, from which be provide a fixed free quotation for our design service. If the quote is accepted we then undertake further consultation to determine the client’s requirements and undertake a full site analysis to identify any inherent factors which may influence the design. At this stage it is also useful if the client can provide some idea of their budget so that an affordable scheme can be designed. The next stage involves the provision of various draft designs and a detailed discussion of ideas based upon which the final design is produced. Depending on the context designs vary from simply block plantings of tree and shrubs to hugely intricate schemes which integrate brick, stone and wooden structures with water features and an exotic selection of plants. Our design principles are not static but are constantly evolving to reflect changing times, most recently the trend towards the use of recycled or recyclable materials which is commonly a requirement dictated by the client.

All designs are accompanied by a quotation for Lancashire Landscapes to undertake the construction work. Although clients are free to use alternate contractors, having Lancashire Landscape undertake both design and construction offers the benefit that every stage from inception to installation is supervised closely by our one of our Managing Directors, Phil Ashley. This eliminates any potential issues arising between the designer and contractor and ensures the vision outlined in the design is perfectly realised on the ground.