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Environmental/Waste Management

Lancashire Landscapes recognises that our day-to-day activities will impact on the environment and has an environmental policy which outlines our working procedures relating to the environment.

As a conscientious company we continue to implement procedures to help both protect and enhance the environment around us. Our innovative environmental policies can be summarised under three headings.


We employ a multi-faceted approach to minimise any environmentally detrimental effects resulting from our activities.

  • We comply with all environmental legislation relevant to our activities.
  • We only utilise construction materials which come from sustainable sources.
  • We prioritise the use of products produced from recycled materials and made from recyclable materials
  • We employ energy saving procedures and appliances in our office and workshops
  • We recycle 90% of all waste.
  • Our staff receive regular training on the importance of environmental protection with a particular focus on the recycling of waste products and energy conservation.
  • We are committed to switch our full fleet of vehicles to eco-friendly ‘zero carbon’ fuel within five years.

The most detrimental impact which a landscaping company can have on the natural environment comes from the irresponsible disposal of waste. Our treatment of waste differs distinctly from that of our competitors, many of whom still burn or landfill the vast majority of their waste. We have implemented a two-stage process to ensure that the vast majority of our waste is effectively recycled. Both office waste and general contracting waste fists undergoes segregation in our yard to ensure that as much as possible is re-used in-house or sent to a number of specialist recycling companies dealing with different types of waste. Whatever remains is then sent to our trade ally – Premier Waste Services in Hyde, Cheshire, a company we have chosen due to their innovative and eco-friendly approach to waste management. Premier Waste Services have a ‘zero-to-landfill’ objective and class our waste as their product. In their hands the remnants of our waste stream undergo further segregation to remove recyclable materials and most of what remains is tuned into a safe and non-polluting fuel resource for use in industry. Little, if any, of our waste ends up being buried in landfill.

The diagram in the first box below summarises our waste processing methodology.

Waste Stream Disposal


Not only do we implement systems to protect the environment from our activities but we also actively improve the environment through our landscape construction activities.  Wherever possible natural native planting is incorporated into landscapes so as to benefit native wildlife and woody plants incorporated to act as carbon sinks.  Environmental benefits are particularly noticeable in our work at schools where we have produced wildlife areas incorporating a range of native plants and forest trees and wildlife-attracting features such as log-piles, ponds and bird boxes.


Our educational outreach service provides lessons and workshops on environmental topics free of charge to primary schools.  By educating as many young people as possible about the benefits of caring from the environment we aim to contribute significantly to a new era of environmental responsibility.